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Animal Care Coordinator


Full Time


Provides husbandry duties and coordinates behavioral management of assistance puppies and dogs in training. Assists Assistance Dog Instructors with medical and grooming care, training, enrichment, and administrative support related to assistance puppies and dogs.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate care of assistance puppies and dogs in training at PAALS, at volunteer homes, and in prison environments

  • Coordinate general dog health care, grooming, nutrition and veterinary visits to ensure correct and consistent care for husbandry and handling of the assistance pups and dogs in training

  • Assist with inventory tracking and data entry for animals in training

  • Assist to keep animal areas clean, including kennel areas and yard sanitation maintenance

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Assists volunteers who work with animal care and training

  • Assists with transport of puppies and dogs as needed in personal vehicle and/or in PAALS vehicle

  • Timely computer record maintenance, phone correspondence, and email communication, and administrative task completion as requested

  • Assist in special events, programs and presentations as requested


  • Six months related experience, prefer experience in a similar assistance dog organization

  • Excellent communications skills, both written and verbal

  • Ability to multi-task

  • Clean driving recordBackground check

Physical Demands/Environment:

  • Must be physically active and able to work both indoors and outdoors.

  • Must be able to frequently kneel, crouch, crawl, stand and bend to perform cleaning of crates and care of dogs.

  • Must be able to use hands, arms, shoulders in legs to assist with cleaning of the environments both indoor and outdoor, care of dogs, and typing on keyboards.

  • Work in proximity to cleaning agents and disinfectants and must be able to follow instructions for the use and storage of these chemicals.

  • Lift and move up to 50 pounds of dog and dog food

Job Location:

Columbia, SC (Northeast)


$10-12/hour based on experience.


Paid Time Off/Holidays/Discretionary Bonus. PAALS does NOT offer health benefits at this time.


40 hours/week to include some nights and holidays.

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