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Junior Camp is back  June 24th - 28th, 2024

PAALS day camp is one of only a handful of camps in the country  that  integrate  assistance  dogs  in  training  with  kids  who  have  disabilities alongside kids who do not. Campers learn the basics of service dog training, how to help people in the community, and work side by side with other youth and youth with disabilities, all while pairing up to train a service dog candidate.

At this year's one week-long Summer PAALS Junior Camp session, (children 8-10 yrs old), campers learn the basics of dog care, training and community service all while pairing up to help train a service dog candidate. Friday is usually  field day trip with dogs. 


Responding to requests from parent of older campers to provide a similar experience for their younger children, PAALS started Summer PAALS Junior camp (youth ages 8 – 10). At this camp, the young Campers learn the basics of dog care, participate in dog games and crafts and practice teamwork while pairing up to care for a service dog training candidate.


I wanted to train the dogs because if I train them, the dog can go to a good person”  
Bryson, Summer PAALS Camper

I first started with PAALS because it sounded fun to just hang out with the dogs. But, not that I’ve worked with them more I find is more fun to know that my time there has helped that dog help someone else. It is a wonderful experience that has helped me (not just the dog) [understand] why service dogs are so important. It also doesn’t hurt to have fun with with some well trained, adorable dogs.

Elena, Summer PAALS Camper  

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