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My name is James and I serve as a Pastor, Prison Fellowship Academy Manager and a volunteer with Richland County Sheriff’s Department in the Victim Services Division.

My facility dog, Scout, is an integral part of my work with people suffering from grief, PTSD, trauma and job-related anxiety.

Research demonstrates that people are far more likely to receive counseling and join group therapeutic sessions if a skilled dog is present....

Photo of James with service Dog

Funds Raised:



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Clients are given the option to fundraise to cover their tuition fee for team training (the 2.5 week class they take to learn how to work with their assistance dog before taking the dog home). The cost is $5,000, which is only a small part of the nearly $40,000 that it takes to raise, train and place each assistance dog. You can help by donating all or a portion of the tuition by choosing your client's name on the donation form.

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