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The application for an assistance dog is a three-step process:

STEP 1  
Review the Required Information, Eligibility and our Policies & Process page to be sure you can apply.

STEP 2  
Complete a multi page application online where you must provide medical and personal information
and pay a
$50 non-refundable fee. 

STEP 3  

Print and complete/distribute additional forms. The list of information is included below.


Policies & Process


Applicants should understand that there is extensive information (see list below)
required in order to complete this application.  

We recommend that you review the list of required information and gather all
information before beginning the application. 

If you are unable to complete the application online, contact PAALS for an alternative method. 
Note:  Online applications are processed quicker due to the manual entry required for paper applications.

  1. Complete list of your healthcare professionals: (Including primary care doctor, specialists and therapists).  You will need their addresses and phone numbers.  For each therapist, you will need to list the type of therapy, frequency of the therapy, and your goals.

  2. Complete list of your medications:  (Including prescription name, prescriber name, dosage and reason for the medication.

  3. Medical History and Release forms: Part of the form is to be completed by the applicant and part of the form must be completed by the specified doctor.  You must have one form completed for EACH of your physicians and therapists.

  4. Emergency Care Contacts: Names and addresses of people that can take care of your dog in case of emergencies

  5. Resident/Visitor Information: Names and pertinent information of people in your home.

  6. Background Information Release Authorization: Adult applicants (or the adult parent/guardian facilitator for a facilitated assistance dog team) must complete this form.

  7. References/Letter of Recommendation (You'll need to list 3 references, and have 1 formal letter of recommendation sent directly to PAALS. (Letter can be from 1 of your 3 references.)

  8. Employment/School/Community Volunteer Information

  9. Lifestyle Information: Information regarding your home, family, pets, and lifestyle.

    If you are applying for a facilitated assistance dog team then you must get Medical History & Release forms completed for both the applicant with a disability as well as the facilitator who will be responsible
    for the dog’s care.

  11. VETERANS: Discharged military veterans must provide a copy of their DD214.


  • You must notify PAALS at any time during the application review process if the applicant or any household member has or is planning any life changes such as moving, pregnancies, marriage, divorce, adding or removing members of the household, adding or removing animals from the household, leaving or changing jobs/school, stopping or starting any therapies, etc.

Failure to report any information or changes in your application information
could adversely effect your application status.

I understand the requirements, and wish to read eligibility
(click the box to continue)

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