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Clients are given the option to fundraise to cover their tuition fee for team training (the 2.5 week class they take to learn how to work with their assistance dog before taking the dog home). The cost is $5,000, which is only a small part of the nearly $30,000 that it takes to raise, train and place each assistance dog. You can help by donating all or a portion of the tuition by choosing your client's name on the donation form.


Hi I'm Liz.
I have a Masters in Public Health, a beautiful 4 year old daughter, and the world’s most supportive husband who literally has never let me fall.  love to spend time with family, hike, travel, read, and knit. 


Two years ago, I developed a sudden and debilitating form of Dysautonomia called postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) that causes me to faint up to 5 times a day. I have come a long way in my journey in reclaiming independence. A sweet service dog would allow me to have the confidence to go more places and do more things by myself, to stay with me when I faint, to help me pick up things I may drop, and to help counter the effects inherent to my condition.

I'm looking forward to being a more active mom and one day get back to the work I love.

Thank you for your support.
Liz A.

Elizabeth (Liz) A.


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My name is Damon Woodley, and I am a physical therapist. I am also the Director of Rehabilitation at NHC-Parklane in Columbia, which is a skilled nursing facility that serves 170-plus patients and residents. Some people come to our facility for a short period of time for rehabilitation as patients, and some people live here as residents.


Our facility tries to create a pleasant, home-like atmosphere for our patients and residents, and I feel a PAALS facility dog will enhance their experience. Through the facility dog’s unique training, the dog can participate in patient treatments to engage our patients differently and provide new and varied treatments to improve their rehabilitative process. The dog will help improve patient morale and encourage patient participation. Furthermore, the dog can help engage our facility’s residents in activities or just visit them in their rooms to lift their spirits.


With the help of a PAALS facility dog, I hope to improve the quality of life for all our patients and residents. 

Damon W.


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Hi I am Jayne! I am the CEO of a virtual group practice helping those with Eating Disorders and Body Image. I have my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and specialize in Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating and Body Image. I struggled with an Eating Disorder for years, and now that I am fully recovered, I have turned my problem into my purpose through helping others find recovery. 


About two and a half years ago I found myself in the ER multiple times, when I eventually lost my sight and was immobile from the waist up. I was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder, called Intracranial hypertension. I then went on to get brain surgery and was fortunate enough to regain my sight! 


From then on my health has declined significantly. The doctors have told me that the Intracranial Hypertension “pushed out” some genetic mutations that I was born with, but was unaware of. I was diagnosed with a progressive form of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder, as well as other neurological and immune issues. 


I went on to have 10 more neuro procedures, including three more neuro surgeries. I am now fused from C0-C3 and C4-C7 and have a permanently instable spine. I am now disabled and struggle with everyday tasks. I still find so much purpose in my work, and the small joys of life, but I cannot wait to get my independence back with a PAALs dog! I can’t even start to tell you how grateful and excited I am for this opportunity. 


I look forward to being able to regain more freedom and continue to help others find theirs! 



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