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apply for a CHANGE of Career dog

You must meet the requirements to apply for a Change of Career (COC) Dog.

  • All family members must be in agreement about receiving a PAALS dog.

  • No family members can have an allergy to animals.

  • Family member(s) must provide exercise for the dog on a regular basis.

  • Must be willing and able keep the dog on a leash when outside and not in an enclosed area.

  • Must be able to keep your PAALS dog as an inside "house" dog.

  • PAALS dog cannot be left alone for four or more hours on a regular basis.
    (Please assure no 9-5 schedule. Our dogs are used to a busy active lifestyle and this is for the best for the dogs/families.) Please do NOT apply if your schedule doesn't meet the 4 hour maximum of down time.)

  • Must have a home study completed before placement.

  • Must be willing and able to come to Columbia, SC to pick up the dog.

  • Cannot expect an immediate placement. COC dogs can take 6 months or more before placement. Applications are kept for 1 year.

  • Must reapply after 1 year if a COC was not placed. 


If at ANY TIME any of these requirements have not been met, or inaccurate information given, your application
will be removed for consideration.

I have read the  requirements above.  I am eligible and excited to apply! 

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