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Facility Tours Now Available

Facility tours are available each Thursday at 2 PM and at other times by appointment. Contact Mitzie Renwick, Development Coordinator, at (803) 500-9099 to schedule a tour.

Room Sponsorships Available

The rooms and exterior areas at PAALS facility need a name sponsor. You can sponsor a room to honor or memorialize an individual, family, group or just about anything. Whatever you select, you will leave a lasting legacy of your contribution to PAALS mission.

Midlands Gives Was A Success!

Thanks to your generous support, PAALS exceeded our totals from last year. Click on the post title to see the current results and status…and a video of Lonnie be awarded her cape.

PAALS Again Selected as BMW Pro-Am Golf Charity

Whether you are an avid golfer, just like to watch golf, want to spend a day in the sun in beautiful surroundings or want to volunteer to help PAALS help others, the BMW Charity Pro-Am provides an opportunity for you.

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