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Meet Skeeter Powell and his ministry dog Chief. Skeeter is founder and executive director of David’s Table, a nonprofit that works to help children and adults with disabilities for Christ’s Sake! The ministry focuses on high school and young adults and involves training in leadership roles and encouraging the participants toward learning about Jesus through participation in church and community activities. Powell involves his canine assistant in working with area churches and para-church groups, with tennis being one of the main driving vehicles, which is perfect for Chief as he loves a tennis ball. David’s Table’s evolving programs work towards improving the quality of life for their young participants through establishing working relationships with organizations and agencies to bring together faith, sports, awareness, and support programs. Chief enriches the lives of those who participate in David’s Table activities as Powell integrates Chief’s skills into school tutoring sessions, after school adaptive sports, church social activities, summer camps, and hospital and school visits.

Chief, a Golden Retriever and Labrador mix, is trained in tasks that involve deep pressure calming behaviors. He can also retrieve dropped items for those using wheelchairs, and he is trained to play a game of tug. He is also great at breaking social barriers for those hesitant to engage in conversation or group activities. The cost of preparing a service dog for placement is around $30,000; and without PAALS donors and supporters Mr. Powell’s dream of reaching out to teens with the unconditional love and support of a well-mannered, obedient ministry partner would not be possible, but so far only half of the amount it took to prepare Chief for service has been covered. For more information about David’s Table, click the links below. Click the donate button to donate to this ministry team to cover Chief’s training costs.

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