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My name is Rebecca Amick. I live in Lexington, SC with my loving husband, Josh, and our Pomeranian, Harley. I achieved my bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in Social Work at the University of South Carolina and my masters degree in Occupational Therapy at Medical University of South Carolina. Most of my time is spent spending quality time with family, friends, and Harley. My hobbies include photography, gardening, boating, and volunteering.

For just over 13 years, I have struggled with the horrors of PTSD. Every aspect of my life has been affected by the symptoms I experience day in and day out: personal life, social life, family life, career, self-care, and daily tasks. Things that trigger my flashbacks and extreme anxiety are scattered throughout my life and within the community, some avoidable and many that are not. Simply going grocery shopping can seem like an impossible task, where a panic attack sets in and my fight, flight, or freeze sets in. Flashbacks tend to be most intense in the dark of night, while others are peacefully sleeping I am shaking, crying, and fearful of the vivid images of past trauma running through my mind. I would like to find a church home, however churches trigger emotional outpouring as I struggle with Bible passages that speak of mercy, love, and grace after the trauma I experienced.

I am a survivor. I am strong. I will not give up. I will fight to improve the quality of my life. If one treatment doesn’t work, I am researching what treatments are available and seeking help. I continue to work with my therapist on coping skills and processing the memories of past trauma. I have been through many treatments for PTSD, some of which have been useful and others quite detrimental. My search for treatment led me to PAALS, as they are raising and training service dogs locally and I have met clients of theirs in the community who were impressed with the difference a PAALS dog has made in their life. After speaking with PAALS, I realized that a service dog would be able to assist me in my daily activities and improve the quality of my life. I look forward to being placed with my canine companion that can accompany me in public to provide much needed support during activities that are difficult at this time. My service dog will assist me in being mindful during and after flashbacks, providing sensory input through deep pressure to calm me during panic attacks, and giving me a sense of security by turning on a light switch prior to my entering a dark room at night. This service dog will give me more independence and will let me reach my family, career, and personal goals.

Please consider making a donation to PAALS so I can attend the 2 week team training. Every dollar is greatly appreciated. Your donation is tax deductible and nonrefundable. Thank you very much for taking the time to read about my struggles and consider donating to PAALS.

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