Midlands Gives

Each May, the Central Carolina Community Foundation sponsors Midlands Gives Day. The goal for this day is to raise as much money for Midlands nonprofits as possible in a 24 hour period from 12:00:01AM to 11:59:59PM

In 2015, PAALS raised just over $14,000 on Midlands Gives Day. We set an ambitious goal of $25,000 for 2016. We almost made it, coming up just short at $23,000. We probably would have made the goal except for the technical glitches that made donating almost impossible for about 6 hours during the afternoon and evening.Team Gamez Foundation

Thank you very much to everyone who donated so generously to PAALS during this event. And a special thank you to the Team Gamez Foundation who provided $2,500 in matching donation funds.

The next Midlands Gives Day will be Tuesday, May 2, 2017.

Our Midlands Gives Day theme for 2016 was the journey of a PAALS pup. The last stage of the journey was getting awarded a cape. You can see a video of Lonnie being awarded her cape below..