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Hi…I’m Maya! I’ve been told I’m a natural with animals. I haven’t always been this way, but with all my sensory informalities, I’ve realized animals’ touch and protection warm me right out of my shell.

Simple things in life-walking through a store, flushing a toilet, going to the pool, or park, even just taking a walk are difficult for me. If my mom takes her eyes off of me for a second, I’m gone. This isn’t because I want to endanger myself or scare her. I can’t process the many things going on around me. My first thought is to just “go back to Apex.” Going to the movies on a rainy day…forget about it. You see, you might not hear the child crying 5 ales down…. but I can. I feel their tears and emotions, as if there me having them. Sounds and emotions are heightened, by a 100%! Even the happy ones are hard. Don’t forget about sleeping, boy would my mom like to sleep alone…. but not me. It would be great to feel protected and not alone with my new service dog.

Ive been given this opportunity to have my very own service dog. I was told at first this wouldn’t happen for me. After multiple trips to Colombia, SCand interviews with some wonderful dog trainers and service dogs, I’ve now been given the chance to have my very own. I’ve been given this chance to feel alive and like life should be lived. My mom might be able to even sleep without worrying if I’m going to walk outside without her knowing. My dog will help me sleep alone, lie on me, hug me, and calm me when I’m upset. She will give me confidence to meet new people. I can even flush a toilet or be around loud sounds when she is with me. She will help remind me not to run away when things get scary. She does 70 or more commands to help me through life. It’s a working dog; therefore like all jobs you have to train. Although, my dog is currently finishing up with training, my grandmother, mother, and me will still have to train together. This requires 2 weeks away from home and work, 1 week to adjust at home and then, I’m off to actually experience what life is.

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