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As a veteran, Dennis’ tuition will be paid by Rob’s Best Friend Fund which helps PAALS provide service dogs to veterans at no charge.. You can support Dennis by donating to Rob’s Best Friend Fund.

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Hi. My name is Dennis Price. I live in Gastonia, NC with my wife and son. I am a US Army Retired veteran with 15 years of service. I was injured in Iraq in 2006 by a suicide vehicle that detonated in my convoy. Which resulted in a TBI and PTSD. I tried for so long to avoid admitting I was suffering from PTSD which took a toll on my Family and everyone around me. My world came crashing down and almost resulted in my own life ending.

As bad as that was it was such a blessing in disguise. I was finally forced to seek the help that I had been trying to deny I needed. I still can’t go to crowded places and enjoy any sort of family time due to my PTSD, which in turn still affects my family.

I first learned of PAALS when I participated in the pilot program for PAALS Patriots at Fort Jackson in the summer of 2011. When I was a participant in the program, I was able to find peace with the dogs and I hope to find that peace again with my own service dog. I long for the time I can take my family out and not be so uncomfortable. That my family won’t see me struggling or hiding in a corner and want to leave on my behalf. I know this will be possible with a service dog from PAALS because of the serenity I felt while in the pilot program.