Client Application Forms

Service Dogs for Mobility Challenges.

These individuals are typically in a wheelchair and use a service dog to help them reach things they can’t from a seated position. These specially trained canines are taught to turn lights on and off, tug open doors, pick up dropped items and alert for help. Mobility Service Dog Cover Letter & Application and Medical Release Form

Service Dogs for Autism

These dogs are taught to apply deep pressure relief and comfort by pressing on a leg or lying on a child’s lap.  Service dogs for autism can also encourage a child to stay with their parents in public by providing a handle or leash for the child to hold and aid the child with increasing social and life skills. Autism Service Dog Cover Letter & Application and  Medical Release Form

Service Dogs for Facilities.

These dogs can assist a psychologist, nurse, activities director, physical therapists, or teachers in their workplace by providing motivation.  These dogs can also be taught skills integrated into traditional therapies to increase independence. Facilities Dog Cover Letter & Application and Medical Release Form

Skilled Home Companions

The skilled home companion is trained to help in home settings only for special needs assistance.  These dogs help a home bound person in a wheelchair with tasks that supplement the limitations of their mobility.  Skilled home companions can also assist a child with autism or with mental delays in their home setting to foster bonding relationships and assist with therapies and life skills development. Skilled Home Companion Cover Letter & Application Medical Release Form

Service Dogs for PTSD

Service for PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for local soldiers.  These dogs assist mostly soldiers who have returned from war and have trouble/difficulty going out in public due to their startle responses and fears related to tragic events they have experienced.  PTSD dogs can provide a physical barrier between their partner and the public, provide stress reducing pressure on trained body points, and provide a social bridge as a point of conversation. PTSD Cover Letter & Application and Medical Release Form