Pets with a Purpose

Career Change PAALS

At PAALS we believe that every dog should love their job! This means that not all the dogs who start in our training program will go on to become service dogs. Some of our trainees are disqualified for service work due to a medical condition or a temperament incompatible with the strict standards for public work. When this happens the dog gets put on the Pets with a Purpose list.  Families with a child or adult with a disability often can benefit from one of these highly trained dogs for the purpose of companionship. Although the dog is not permitted to wear a cape for service they still go on to serve as a loving family pet..

PAALS Service DogPAALS tries to match these dogs with families that have a special needs individual who can benefit from a safe companion, but all families are welcome to fill out an application. PAALS has a waiting list for people who would like to adopt a career change dog in exchange for a donation. If you are interested, please complete this application and mail to the address on the bottom of the form. You will be contacted when a career change dog becomes available.