2015 Annual Report Now Available

Read PAALS 2015 Annual Report online by clicking the title of this post. You can also download a copy to read offline if you prefer. … [Read more...]

Matching Donations

Do you know if your employer will match your donation to PAALS? You can now easily find out on our new Matching Donations page. Some employers will double or even triple your donation. Check it out by clicking on the post title. … [Read more...]

Happy Independence Day: Celebrating Freedom

As another Independence Day approaches, I fondly look back over the past six years of time together with Casper. Many people have expressed to me a desire to know what the process of retiring a service dog feels like. Honestly, it is a gradual time period of reviewing the past to come full circle to the present.  It is the absolute wonder of a bond that endures endlessly past his life, and even, mine. We celebrate "Independence Day" every year on the fourth of July, but for some of us, its meaning has even more significance! For me, July is a time where I reflect on how Casper and I have grown each year; it also is the anniversary of my marriage to my husband, Bryan. This year, we took a trip to Asheville,  North Carolina to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary.  Much like the vow I made to Bryan on July third all those years ago, I made a similar promise to Casper. To love him in sickness or in health, for better or worse, and to honor him all the days of our lives. As we … [Read more...]

Leading The Way To Diversity in New Mexico

Leadership is as unique to each individual as each service dog team. Casper and I had the opportunity to travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico last week as part of the National Leadership Cultural and Linguistic Competency Program offered by Georgetown University. Selected as one of thirty participants, from all over the world, I have been taking intensive classes, writing papers, and completing a leadership project. This transformative experience has been one of professional and personal growth; taking me on a journey to self-advocate, advocate, and culminating in collaborative leader. You see, unknowingly, I have always pondered my leadership style. Growing up with a developmental as well as a physical disability, frequently , my "voice" was not even taken into consideration as people in the community thought I needed taken care of, or they knew what was best for me. Often times, when you have a disability, society views you as helpless, cute, not very smart, or unable to make … [Read more...]

Facility Tours Now Available

Facility tours are available each Thursday at 2 PM and at other times by appointment. Contact Mitzie Renwick, Development Coordinator, at (803) 500-9099 to schedule a tour. … [Read more...]