Room Sponsorships Available

The rooms and exterior areas at PAALS facility need a name sponsor. You can sponsor a room to honor or memorialize an individual, family, group or just about anything. Whatever you select, you will leave a lasting legacy of your contribution to PAALS mission. … [Read more...]


  Imagine not being able to go into your favorite store, utilize services for banking or paying bills, or not being able to get treatment from your doctor! As an individual with a disability myself, disability for many years has been believed to be a disadvantage or an ugly word. When in fact, disability means being adaptable; individuals being flexible and able to change as the environment increasingly alters over time.  Many people with disabilities experience challenges every day; wanting to access public facilities and services just as the general public does. While we may have laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act, The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, IDEA, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, legislation isn't always enough. People have to collaborate to make change that benefits people with disabilities living in the communities of South Carolina. One of the rights of access that is guaranteed by the law, but one that is not always upheld is the right to have … [Read more...]

Midlands Gives Was A Success!

Thanks to your generous support, PAALS exceeded our totals from last year. Click on the post title to see the current results and status...and a video of Lonnie be awarded her cape. … [Read more...]

A Week Without Casper, A Difficult Adventure

Imagine waking up one morning, and you're in another universe where everything is turned  upside down. The way you do things and the people in your life are completely reversed. That's what this past week felt like for me; the life I know irrevocably out of place, as though I was living in someone else's body.  Out of the norm, and definitely disconcerting, I had a glimpse of what my days will be like without Casper. This past week, I had a business conference in Missoula, Montana.  Because of the long flights, almost twelve hours, I made the difficult decision to leave Casper behind in South Carolina at PAALS; his home away from home. As I mentioned in a previous blog, change has been upon us, and knowing that he tires more as he has grown older, I wanted to do what's best for him. By leaving him in South Carolina, I knew he would conserve energy and be better prepared for the busy work weeks we have ahead of us in the remainder of April and May. However, without Casper by my side, … [Read more...]

The Second Date: Meeting Potential Successor Service Dogs

  A cold, brisk April day arrives, and my excitement emanates from me, from the inside, out.  My second meeting with potential service dog suitors makes my smile rise. As we get closer to the PAALS Training Building, I realize so many options are available, and change is upon us. Casper, wagging his tail steadily beams with enthusiasm as we enter the building, letting everyone know he has come home. Upon saying our hellos, Casper goes on to play in Jen’s office. On the way there, he gives a wag to his new buddy, PAALS Cat, Eli.  I move into the training room, my nerves rising in tandem with my excitement. As I look around the room, there are multiple trainers and PAALS staff there to observe. In my mind, I am thinking, “Please don’t let me mess up!” You see, in spite of having three previous service dogs, it can still be nerve wracking working with new dogs. Imagine having a 2nd date, with various observers watching. While your mind is trying to focus on the cues and … [Read more...]